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I’ve got a basic demo up and running now, so I’d like to share. There’s a lot of work left to do, but it’s coming along!


Web player (requires Unity Web Player)

Major Completed Tasks

  • World builder tool
  • Sprite builder tool for generating sprite effects (article coming soon)
  • Zone importer wizard in Unity
    • Imports all assets generated by world builder into current scene
    • Collision detection import from Tiled
  • Actor importer
    • Automatically slices sprites
    • Generates mecanim animations (directional movement, attack, cast, death, etc)
  • Basic lighting system
    • Time of day color
    • Angled shadows (needs revamp)
    • Positional shadows
  • Multi-direction water flow shader, custom water flow vertex painter tool
  • Basic weather system (rain, snow, water ripples)
  • Polygon sound source system for large objects (rivers)

Coming soon

  • Waterdepth/Transparency shader for all actors
  • Shadow blur
  • Redone shadow system (no more ‘swinging’, better skew method)
  • Consolidated collision detection (article coming soon)
  • Free camera mode (zoom, pan)
  • UI
  • Dialog system (using Articy Draft 2)

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